This annually traveling award was created to recognize members who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the club and the hobby in a Chevelle oriented manner. As per club tradition, last year's recipient of the award chooses the new recipient of the award.

This year's recipient of the award goes to Nick Tomcykowski, and was presented to him at the HCC Holiday Party, which was held in November at Greg Hansen's home.

Presentation by Rick Lambert:
"As many of you know, a first impression is the impression most remembered. Clubs that last, have to make good impressions to survive. Good impressions attract new members while holding on to those already committed.
There are many members qualified and considered for this years Golden Chevelle Award. Some considerations are:
    We have members that are rarely absent from a meeting or club event.
    We have members that contribute their time in setting up our club display for World of Wheels or other special events but do not have their Chevelle in the event.
    We have members that offer their time in helping other members ready their Chevelle for some of these special events.
    We have members that drive their Chevelle to club events whatever the weather.
    We have new members that immediately jump in and participate in club events from the minute they become members.
    We have members that offer of their business resources in creating a positive Heartland Chevelle experience.

With the Heartland Chevelle Club having so many outstanding members, it was very difficult to sift through the many individual contributing qualities in search of this years Award Recipient.
Being just a bit off center... my selection critieria for this years Golden Chevelle Award (2013) is based on conditions near and dear to me.
1. Someone that represents the Heartland Chevelle Club in a positive inviting mannor.
2. Someone that shows their car without expectation of winning awards.
3. Someone that participates in all, or nearly, all club events.
4. Someone that is there to help whenever needed no matter who needs it.
5. Someone that drives their car, damb the distance.
6. Someone that seeks out prospective members and welcomes them into our Club/family.
7. Someone that drives their car, damb the weather.
8. Someone that defines the " Golden Chevelle Award".
9. Someone that I am pleased to call a friend.
It is my pleasure to announce that the deserving someone is Nick Tomcykowski."

Congratulations Nick"