Mike & Lynda Tesar's '79

Car info: This car was purchased by Lynda and I new on 10/15/1979 from John Kraft Chevrolet in Omaha. Sticker price on the vehicle was $14,244.23, and I was able to negotiate a discount of $1644.23, making the final cost to me of $12,600.00. During the first year of our ownership, the car made no less than 11 visits to Kraft Chevrolet for service related items. From November, 1981 thru December, 1985 another 9 visits for service. The vehicle, at the date of this last service visit - 12/6/1985 - had a whopping 7625 miles on the odometer. As you might guess, Lynda and I were less than impressed by the workmanship of this vehicle.
Then came the first accident: June 28, 1989 at 5:05PM at the intersection of 84th and Dodge. While stopped for a red light at that intersection, heading west, I was struck in the rear of the car by a girl driving a Saab. I saw her coming in the rear view mirror. She was touching up her eye makeup using the mirror on her sun visor, and did not realize that traffic had stopped for the light. Mileage on the Corvette at the time of the accident 14,733.
Lynda and I used this car as our fun car for some time, but it was driven less and less as our children grew older. Before seat belt laws were in place, both of our children and the dog rode in the back of the Corvette on the deck area, and yes, it was fairly cramped back there.
Then came Father's Day, 1992. That morning, returning from church, I stopped our family car in the entrance to our housing addition. The streets in the addition were used by my daughter and I frequently as a pre learner permit driving area. Noel and I switched places and she drove around the neighborhood. Heading home, I had her pull in the driveway - but wait - she was going too fast, and becoming flustered, pressed on the accelerator instead of the brake. The Buick lurched through the closed garage door, into the rear of the Corvette, pushing it into the fathers day present - a new grill that was in front of the Corvette, and pushing the whole mess into the common wall separating the kitchen and the garage. Mileage - 23,592. This Father's Day Sucked.
This whole adventure was the beginning of my relationship with many of my car friends. With help, I removed the front and rear bumpers, had a friend do fiberglass work on the vehicle, and I learned how aircraft stripper removes paint from flexible bumpers. Well, at any rate, the car was repaired, and has been driven on many car cruises and taken to numerous car shows since that event. As you may also guess, as it has aged, I have also had the opportunity to replace many, many parts and pieces on the vehicle. But learning automotive skills, and because of the fun we had driving and participating in events, eventually led Lynda and I to the decision to purchase the 1966 Chevelle.
Year: 1979
Model: Chevrolet Corvette
Type: 1YZ87 2 Dr Coupe
Engine: 5.7 Litre
Transmission: Automatic
Rear End: 3.55 axle ratio
Paint: Code 13L - Silver
Interior: Oyster Cloth/Leather