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Nick Tomcykowski's '71

Car info: I have had 4 different chevelles in the past, and after about 20 years I was finaly able to get another one. I bought this car from a guy that was selling it to pay for his wedding. The guy before him painted it baby blue for his daughter and she didn't want it. I chose the sunburst orange which is little bit lighter than the original burnt metalic orange. I have had the springs, shocks, suspension bushings replaced. The transmission and breaks redone. The bodywork was done with new paint in December, 2009. It has the round guage dash and I got a console out of a mid 90's Grand Am.
Year: 1971
Model: Chevelle
Type: 2 Door Hardtop
Engine: 307 Cubic Inch
Transmission: TH 350
Rear End: 12 Bolt
Paint: Sunburst Orange
Interior: Black