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Patrick & Logan Matthews '72

Car info: This 1972 Monte Carlo belonged to my father in-law since he bought it brand new from the dealership in 1972. It had a fun life all the way up to 1996 when it was parked and stored in his garage in Salina Kansas. During its life, my father in-law managed to blow up the motor so a rebuilt 350 was installed and at some point, it was in a collision and the driver’s side door and fender were damaged. Fast forward to Spring of 2017 and that is when I pulled this out of the garage after 21+ years of being stored. I trailered it to Omaha where the work began.
I spent most of the spring bringing the car back to life. I when through the entire brake system, replaced radiator and battery tray where acid ate through. I replaced all the rubber from the fuel tank and evap system. I flushed all the fluids out and got them replaced and had to show the tranny a bit of love to get it operational again. That was it to get it on the road to enjoy over the summer and we took it everywhere we could.
Now the transformation begins. I have big plans for this car, starting with a big block. I have a 496ci getting finished up that will be the new heart of this beast. I am planning on running a fortified 700R4 transmission and a 12 bolt Chevy Rear end. Once I get the drivetrain, interior and body done, I have plans on installing twin turbos but this is several years down the road. I am going to do a custom interior leaving the bench seat, but other than the materials used, the interior will mainly remain stock looking. I am also going to install a stereo, but it is going into the glove box to maintain the clean stock look on the dash.
The regional Chevelle Show this year in Omaha was a great introduction to the club and everyone involved were great. I wanted to be a part of this club and help represent the A Body with pride. Thank you and welcome everyone.
Year: 1972
Model: Monte Carlo
Type: Hardtop Coupe
Engine: 350 C.I.D.
Transmission: TH-350
Rear End: 10 Bolt
Paint: Orange Flame with Black vinyl top
Interior: Black