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Steve Fitch's '67

Car info: My car is what they call a 300 deluxe. They only made 2104 of this model, and it came from the factory with a 283 / 327, two speed Powerglide transmission. It has door posts and the back window is not recessed in. My very first car was this model called a 300 and it had a six banger, with 3 on the tree, same color as this one. Like a dummy, I wanted something with a V-8 so I sold it and regreted it ever since. So when I came across this 67 several years back I just had to have it. It's turned out almost like getting my first love back but with the V-8 motor I wanted in it. It needs to be torn down and redone so it's a matter of money and time. Someday!!!

Well apparently "SOMEDAY" has finally arrived...September 14, 2013, HCC members met at Steve's house to begin work day and tear down his 67 for a trip to the "redo" shop. Viewing this slideshow will provide documentation.
Year: 1967
Model: 300 Deluxe
Type: Sedan
Engine: 350 / 350
Transmission: 3 speed automatic
Rear End: Stock
Paint: Midnight Blue
Interior: Beige