Heartland Chevelle Club
Meeting Notes
April 23, 2017 - Omaha Gun Club, 82nd & Center, Omaha, NE

Members in attendance: Greg Hansen, Connie Johnson, John Porcel, Jason Shulenberger, Steve Fitch, Bob & Karen Clegg, Jay & Linda Johnson, Mike & Lynda Tesar, Kin Cheung, Patrick Tubrick, Merlin Stevens, Steve Kohler, Joel St Cyr & Sons, Larry Jansky & Daughter, Nick Tomcykowski & Son, Frank Lynch, Chris Saunders, Dave Marfisi, John Secord, Bob Von Kaenel, Richard Fulton, Don Changstrom

Meeting was called to order by president, Greg Hansen at 1:10PM

Treasurer's Report:
Report was given was given by Connie Johnson

Secretary's Report:
Report was given was given by Connie Johnson

Member News:

Agenda Items:

Greg talked about Omaha Gun club and the room we were meeting in was for members. He said they wanted to take over doing the show n shine that Flashbacks did, but they found out they only bought the ground around the building.

Connie talked about the Swap Meet in Lincoln, was a good one this year, took in $63,000 with expenses of $25,000. Total shares to give out was 69, each share is worth $400.00. Our club earned 2 shares, so we will get $800 for working the swap meet and because Connie is the treasurer of the ENWICC, she receives 1 share and Connie has elected to donate 50% of her share to the car club and the other 50% to the Washington County Food Pantry in Blair, NE. Total the club will receive from the swap meet will be $1000.

Connie talked about our up coming regional show in September. At present time there are 22 cars registered for the show. 15 Heartland Chevelle Club members and 7 from Kansas and Missouri area and 4 of those entries want 1000 point judging. Also talked about all the sponsorship money received and all the buisness’s that have provided goody bag and door prize stuff for the show. At the end of WOW’s the O’Rielly’s booth gave us boxes of pencils, pens, scratch pads, coozies and glass cleaning cloths for our goody bags. Additionally the treasurer from WACO has complained that we need to send flyers out to individuals who have attended past regional shows and their club did not get enough flyers for their club members. It was discussed and voted that we would send additional flyers to each club president and not waste postage for individual flyers and that we would also push the show using social media.

Greg briefly talked about upcoming shows, but specifically talk about the GEARS show on May 28 th , which has a $100 club participation award; Sweet Cases for Sweet Faces Car Show on Saturday June 10 th with an entry fee of $25 and Greg will do a drawing and give back to 4 members who attend this show their $25 entry fee; Fremont show put on by club member John Kennedy on Saturday July 15th, which has 1 st , 2 nd & 3 rd place club participation awards; and the H&H all Chevy Show on Sunday July 16 th

Greg asked if everyone has seen the place where we are hosting our car show. Several have not seen the spot, so the cruise may include going to the Court Yard by Marriott in La Vista to see the location.

Next Club Meeting:

Our next meeting will be Sunday May 21 st with a 1 pm start at Mahoney State Park. Day entry passes can be purchased at the gate. The club will provide the main dish with club members providing side dishes. Need someone to bring tarps to block the wind and Connie will bring a large one. Jason Shulenberger will set up a cruise either to or from Mahoney State Park.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:45PM.

Minutes submitted by Linda Johnson and Connie Johnson