Heartland Chevelle Club
Meeting Notes
April 29, 2018 - Parkers in Ashland, NE

Members in attendance: Jan & Rick Lambert, Linda & Jay Johnson, Bob & Karen Clegg, Jon Torrey, Carl Bortol, Bob & Cathy VonKaenel, Ron & Linda Liston, Brian McBride, Nick Tomcykowski, Pat Matthews, Steve Kohler, Steve Fitch & Teri Kendall, John Porsel, Tim & Connie Mills, Rich & Cindy Colfack, Don Changstrom, Mike & Lynda Tesar, Justin King, Fred Franklin, Chris & Linda Holtberg, Greg Hansen, Connie Johnson, Jason Shulenberger.

Meeting was called to order by Greg Hansen

Secretary's Report was read by Jan Lambert

Treasurer's Report was read by Connie Johnson

Member News:

Agenda Items:

Connie Johnson talked about the swap meet. This year our club received 2 shares at $350.00 per share. It was voted on to put the $700.00 from the swap meet, into the Regional car show account. Connie said she marked down the remaining club apparel by 30%. See Connie if interested.

Greg Hansen talked about the Sweet Cases car show on June 9th at Millard South Highschool. Register as a club to get a $5.00 discount. Registrations to Greg Hansen.
Greg Hansen took orders for the car plaques. Rick Lambert made a motion to order 25 more placques after a discussion Bob VonKaenel 2nd the motion and we voted on it. Passed.
Greg Hansen read a list of car shows.

NextClub Meeting is May 20, 2018 at Mahoney State Park at 1pm.

There was no further business. Meeting was adjourned @ 3:05pm.

Meeting notes submitted by Jan Lambert, Secretary