Heartland Chevelle Club
August 27, 2011
Hi Impact, Omaha, Ne.

Introduction of members and guests:

Treasurer's Report: Checking Account Balance of account: $2,258.00
World of Wheels Fund Balance: $100.00

Secretary's Report: Not Available.

Member News:

President's Report:

New Business:

• Last Fling til Spring - Entrance forms must go in the same envelope to count for the club, send forms to Greg.
• Received $50 award for Freedom Cruise to WOW fund.,br. •Midwest Chevelle Regional in Sept (Olathe KS), if going need to get application in.
• Tom Pelchat has Keyless Remote system for classic cars.
• Drag Plates discussion about if the club would want to do this, cost is around $15 - $20 for metal plates. Tom Pelchat can also do something similar on plastic.
• Friday night cruise 9/9 680 & Irvington at the old Skateland.
• 9/11 Classic Chevy Show - Beardmore Chevrolet Bellevue which will also be the next HCC meeting.
• Website - problems with host (Team Chevelle) should continue to research alternatives for hosting.
• Club participation awards available for the Midwest Chevelle Regional and Last Fling til Spring.

Nominations for 2011 Officers:
  President – Greg Hansen
  Vice Pres - Jay Johnson
  Treasurer - Cathy Von Kaenel
  Secretary - Doug Kass

Additional nominations can also be made at the September meeting or by emailing anyone of the officers listed below:
  President – Greg Hansen hanseng123@cox.net
  Vice Pres - Jay Johnson jay@efanz.com
  Treasurer - Cathy Von Kaenel bobvk88@hotmail.com
  Secretary - Doug Kass dkass@cox.net

Don Stolenberg will host the October meeting. Plans are for a bonfire cookout. More information to follow.

No further business and the meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Doug Kass, Secretary