Heartland Chevelle Club
August 7, 2014
Classic Golf, Omaha, Ne.

Meeting was called to order by vice president, Jay Johnson

Treasurer's Report:
Report was given was given by Connie Johnson.

Secretary's Report:
Report was given by Linda Johnson.

Member News:

Agenda Items:

John gave synopsis of upcoming shows

Club voted to purchase two new tents but jay is waiting until the price drops from $225 each. The club will not need them this year again and he and Bob Clegg are watching the pricing.

Rick Lambert reported on the cruise to be on 9-7-14. We will cruise after the HyVee show to the Sonic in Gretna. May do another one later in the year, probably in the fall.

Made nominations for officers for the new year.
    Nick Tomcykowski was nominated for vice president
    Jan Lambert was nominated for secretary
    Greg Hansen was voted to remain president
    Connie Johnson was voted to remain treasurer.

Discussed upcoming club participation shows and who was going to attend them. So far we have 4 going to Last Fling till Spring and 3 going to the Chevelle Regional show in Shawnee, Ks..

Discussed the holiday party which will be on November 16. Steve Fitch has acquired the same club house we used last year for our party. We discussed the possiblility of having just the main dish catered and everyone bring a side or having the entire meal catered and everyone pay $5 per person who attends. More people voted to have the entire meal catered. Linda is checking to get prices on what the cost per person would be and what the menu would be. Linda will be sending an email to club members with this information so that the club can decide what they want to do.

Meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Linda Johnson