Heartland Chevelle Club
February 3, 2013
Classic Golf, Omaha NE

Introduction of members and guests.

Treasurer's Report: Balance of account $2,450.12. and World of Wheels fund is $400.00

Secretary's Report: Minutes from the last meeting.

Member News:

President's Report:

New Business:

• Zotwave - new program, Money Maker Program. Club assigns a Money Maker Champion. The Champion works with the club and pre-sells Zotwave products. The customer pays the fundraiser directly at the time of sale. Champion places the order at Zotwave.comusing his or her Money Maker code to unlock the wholesale pricing. The product is shipped to the Champion who distributes to the purchaser. The club profits from all of the Money Maker sales.
• Memory Makers, Oak $49.95 Silver $59.95, see Greg if interested.
• World of Wheels - Applications this week $50 application fee, see Greg. Display plaques - Tom Pelchat can make them.
• Calendars could be done with a car per month (can have 2 or more in a month). Front and back could have multiple cares. $5.20 spiral style (min $100). This would be for 2014 calendars. Motion to spend up to $560 to do calendar, Seconded. Motion passed.
• Window stickers and apparel is available.

• Car Shows:
  • 6/15 - 16 Zoom Event at Henry Doorley Zoo
  • Kuck Collection (Lincoln) 2/9/13, tour collection $20 per person
  • Blast from the past 6/15
  • Monona County (Onawa IA) Swap Meet 8/17 - 18
  • Cabin Fever Show 2/23 Norfolk
  • Fremont Show 7/13

No further business and the meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Doug Kass, Secretary