Heartland Chevelle Club
Meeting Notes
February 26, 2017 - Owners Pride, Omaha, NE

Members in attendance: Jan & Rick, Jay & Linda, Ron & Linda, Joel & Gina, John Porsel, Tim, Greg Hansen, Rich & Cindy, Russ & Connie, Nick I Bob & Karen, Don V, Kenny & Lisa, Steve K, Sven Atkins, Chris & Tami Saunders, Jon Torrey, Dave Marfisi, and Paul Bohannon Jr.

Meeting was called to order by president, Greg Hansen

Treasurer's Report:
Report was given was given by Connie Johnson

Secretary's Report:
Report was given was given by Jan Lambert

Member News:

Agenda Items:

Greg introduced Dennis from Owners Pride. Dennis showed what his products could do. Passed out information. Donated buckets to the Chevelle Regional. Cost of products is $12.00 and the bucket of all the products is $125.00.
Connie talked about the Chevelle Regional.
Greg went over upcoming car shows and gave an update on the WOW.

Next Club Meeting:

Our next meeting will be at the Mattress Factory on March 19th at 1PM

Meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Jan Lambert, Secretary