Heartland Chevelle Club
Meeting Notes
February 25, 2018 - Broadmoor

Meeting was called to order by president, Greg Hansen

Treasurer's Report:
Report was read by Connie Johnson
WOW fund - $150.00
Savings bal - $4759.10
Club bal - $2262.01
Total bal - $7021.11

Members in attendance: Steve Kohler, Jay & Linda Johnson, Greg Hansen, John Porsel, Kinny & Lisa Cheung, Cindy & Rich Colfack, Scott & Liz Pullen, Steve Fitch, Jan & Rick Lambert, Stacy Lambert, Larry Jansky, Rich Almgren, Joel St. Cyr, Mike Laughlin & Cheyenne, Ron Liston, Mark Clarke, Russ Detjens, Connie Johnson, Paul Bohannon & Dave Marfisi.

Member News:

Agenda Items:

Greg asked Connie Johnson to talk about the March 4, 2018 swap meet. Connie said she will hand out passes to those working the meet. Hours to work are from 11am – 2pm. She has 11 volunteers and needs 12. Russ Detjens said he would work if needed. Connie received two Thank You from Project Elf and Sweet Cases for our donation of $500.00 to each cause. She also received a Thank you gift from Sweet Cases consisting of a cup, sm teddy bear, lanyard & 3 stickers. She put everyone’s name that was at the meeting in a drawing for the gift. Steve Fitch won.

Greg talked about WOW. We have 7 cars and needed 8 so he put his 2nd car in to fill the spot since no one else in the club volunteered to. He asked for someone in the club to handle WOW for 2019. Let Greg know if you would be interested in volunteering. Greg read and handed out flyers for upcoming car shows. Among the list were:
June 2 Plainview car and motorcycle show in Plainview Ne.
June 29 & 30 Mid Atlantic Chevelle Show in Northeast Maryland
June 29 & 30 Des Moines Goodguys in Des Moines Iowa
July 15 H & H All Chevy show at 84th & L
July 21 Hot Rods at Riverfest at Hayworth Park in Bellevue Ne.
August 5 Vets show Omaha NE
September 6-7-8 31st Annual Midwest Chevelle show in Wichita Kansas, for more information see Greg Hansen.
Stacy Lambert will research the Waterfall tour in Iowa & report back to the club.

Greg talked about the new Drive-in coming in 2019. Located northwest of Valley Ne. Greg has stickers from Chevelle owners he is selling for $1.50 each collecting money today. Greg talked about the club getting plaques with our logo on them. The cost would be $100.00 for setup and $15.00 for shipping. If we ordered 25-49 the cost per plaque would $20.00 each and 50 or more would be $16.00 each. After a discussion Rick Lambert made a motion for the club to pay $115.00 for setup and shipping. Steve Kohler 2nd the motion. Voted on and passed 30 – 0. Rick Lambert volunteered to design the plaque. Greg talked about the Regional show DVD to have Andy make copies for $5.00 each.

Linda Johnson made a suggestion to have the Secretary (Jan Lambert) send out a copy of the meeting notes to the out of town people.

Next Club Meeting: Next meeting will be March 18, 2018 at the Mattress Factory. 1pm. 30 people said they would be at the meeting.

Upcoming meetings: April 29 – Parkers Smokehouse NOTE: Due to a large group we need to order off of the banquet menu. Need to know how many plan on coming and what you want to order. If you need a copy of the menu please let Jan Lambert or Greg Hansen know. Look for more emails on this. Need to have a count and order by April 20.
May 20 – Mahoney Picnic 1pm
June 23 – Bob & Cathy VonKaenel’s house in Lincoln time to be determined.
July 15 – H & H All Chevy Show 1pm
Aug 19 – Jan & Rick Lambert’s house 1pm
Sept - TBD
Oct - TBD
Nov 11 – Steve Fitch will get a place and we will update later.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:05 P.M.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Jan Lambert