Heartland Chevelle Club
Meeting Notes
March 20, 2016 - Old Mattress Factory, Omaha, NE.

Members in attendance: John Porsel, Greg Hansen, Nick T, Ron & Linda Liston, Bob Von Kaenel, Joel & Gina St.Cyr, Chris & Tami Saunders, Dave Marfisi, Rich & Cindy Colfack, Jay & Linda Johnson, Steve Fitch, Russ Detjens & Connie Johnson, Steve Kohler, Sven & Cheryl Atkins, Bob Clegg and Aaron the art designer

Meeting was called to order by president, Greg Hansen around 12:30PM

Treasurer's Report:
Report was given by Connie Johnson:

Secretary's Report:
No Secretary present, so no report given.

Member News:


Agenda Items:

Greg asked Connie Johnson to give a report about the last ENWICC Meeting that was held on March 16th in Lincoln, NE. A motion had been made and 2nd at the February Meeting to not move forward with the swap meet, due to the members who work the swap meet are getting older and that they are having difficulty getting enough clubs to work. It takes around 200 people to work this meet and they only had 177. At the end of the February Meeting the motion was tabled until the March Meeting and was tabled again until the April Meeting. The swap meet was a huge success this year and the results were presented. Kerry Fox and Frank Wimmer will be meeting with Amy Dickerson of the Lancaster Event Center on Thursday March 24th to work on the 2017 Contract and see how much the Lancaster Event Center is going to charge to hold the swap meet in 2017 and then a decision will be made to see if the swap meet will continue. If it continues, they will need workers to volunteer from each club in the ENWICC to work the swap meet. The Slo Rollers from Rockport, MO are considering taking over Jim Snyder’s job of ding the pre-registered booths for the swap meet. If the swap meet does not move forward, the Car Council Book will no longer be published. Our Club worked the swap meet this year from Noon-3pm, taking the $3 parking fee. For that job, our club earned 2 shares @$330 per share for a total of $660. This money will be placed into the Car Show Fund.

Greg presented the information he received from La Vista about us holding our car show there. Here is what La Vista is able to offer:
Sleeping rooms: Courtyard by Marriott: $99 rate
Courtyard offers complimentary parking and WIFI
Easy access and visibility from I-80 at Exit 442
Waived rental on parking lot
Customized buffet at $28 per person
Porta-potties are fine at club’s expense, Large trash cans ok too at club’s expense Hotel can provide concession stand for water, soda, etc.
**No alcohol in the parking lot - this includes a bar from the hotel AND alcohol brought in by attendees**. Our liquor license does not include the parking lot and we can be fined and have our license revoked. If you, as the group, would like to obtain an offsite liquor license you may do so at your expense. Please be advised that fencing is required also. Not sure if this is a deal breaker. Any coolers or outside alcohol will be confiscated.
Greg showed pictures of 3 Chevelle Neon Signs being sold at the WOW this weekend and thought we should buy one at the reasonable cost of approx. $275 to be raffled at our car show. It was voted not to buy one at this time.

Greg presented Flyers for upcoming local shows: Shrine Hospital – June 5th, Hy Vee Show @ 96th & Q – July 31st , Apple Jack Festival in Nebraska City, NE – September 18th , ENWICC Fall Foliage Tour-October 2nd in Nebraska, City. Upcoming shows that are club participation: 29th Annual Midwest Chevelle Regional in Kansas City, KS on September 23 &24, 2016 Greg wants everyone that is planning to attend this show to go down on Thursday, so we can shadow the Mid America club on how to do car shows.

We are down to two possible places to hold our car show at. Shadow Lake Towne Center and in La Vista at the CourtYard by Marriott by Cabela’s. Club and Committee members want a pre- contract from each of these facilities, outlining everything they will provide for us and at what cost and what they want from us as a club and put all the information on a spread sheet. Also want a map of the area they are providing for us.

Sven Atkins talked a little about the cruise he is trying to setup for August and wanted to know how far people wanted to travel on the cruise.

Next club meeting April 17th at Quaker Steak and Lube in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Connie Johnson, HCC Treasurer