Heartland Chevelle Club
Meeting Notes
May 17, 2015 Mahoney State Park - Ashland, NE

Members in attendance: Tim Mills, John Porsel, Greg Hansen, Nick T, Ron & Linda Liston, Bob & Cathy Von Kaenel, Larry Jansky & daughter Amanda, Greg Reisdorff, Joel St.Cyr, Chris Saunders, Dave Marfisi, Rich & Cindy Colfack, Jay & Linda Johnson, Steve Fitch, Russ Detjens and Connie Johnson

Meeting was called to order by president, Greg Hansen

Treasurer's Report:
Report was given was given by Connie Johnson

Secretary's Report:
Report was given was given by Connie Johnson

Member News:

Agenda Items:

John Porsel gave a Synopsis of upcoming shows.

Greg Hansen talked about and passed out car flyers for upcoming shows.

Bob Von Kaenel checked with place in Lincoln, where club jackets were ordered in the past for pricing, and was given a price of $65 per jacket for S-XL and add $5 for larger sizes. Would like more than 1 (one) jacket order at a time.

Club Member Greg Reisdorff would like to have a few Chevelles for his son’s Wedding August 22, to transport the Wedding Party from the Church to the reception hall.

New pricing for Club Apparel: Polo’s w/embroidered logo-front: S-XL $20, 2X-3X $26, 4X-5X $28
SS T-shirts: White, Black or Grey w/screen print front/back: S-XL $13, 2X-3X $15, 4X-5X $16
LS T-shirts: White, Black or Grey w/screen print front/back: S-XL $18, 2X-3X $21, 4X-5X $22
Sweatshirts w/embroidered front logo: S-XL $22, 2X-3X $26
Sweatshirts w/heat seal front/back logo: S-XL $20, 2X-3X $24
Ball Caps cool dry flex embroidered: Black $20, Skull hats: $18, Stocking hats: $18
American Fit Jackets embroidered front/back: Black S-XL $105, 2X-3X $115
Still checking on obtaining Pink Shirts with club logo.

Since Apparel Supplies are low in the L-3XL sizes, we are placing an order for 2 each of these sizes in White, Black and Grey of SS T-Shirts at this time.

Greg passed out club applications if you needed any and suggested that you keep some in your car to pass out to a potential new member.

Greg mentioned that Connie had done research on the possibility of our club joining the Midwest Chevelle Regional Governing Council and hosting a Regional Car Show in the Iowa/Nebraska area every 5 years. Said we need commitment from members in order to do this regional and that O’Riley’s would provide $2,500 in seed money and the other clubs in the Regional Council would provide $3 per member in seed money, then asked Connie to give more details. Connie said she had gotten Ameristar Casino to let us use their lot and that there was 3 hotels on site. We would also have to provide Liability Insurance and received a quote from Hagerty Insurance for $380 per year for the club. Event insurance would run $1000. Would be cheaper to just do a liability policy for the whole year. We need commitment in order to do this show. Connie and Russ are planning to go to the next Regional Car Show, which is June 26 and 27 in Springfield, MO., hosted by the Queen City Chevelle Club to shadow them and see how things are done. Gave an outline of events that will take place at this regional. Also the Queen City Chevelle Club has provided Connie with the budget from the show they held 3 years ago. It takes about $7,000 to $10,000 to host a show. Entry fee for this show would be $40.

Greg also mentioned that Hinshaw’s are interested in setting up a booth if we do this regional and that we could possibly get Tom Pelchat of Classic Keyless to set up a booth as well.

It was also discussed about raising club dues between $27-$30 per year to cover the seed money needed to pay to the other clubs that would be hosting the regionals if we join the Midwest Chevelle Regional Governing Council.

Upcoming shows that are club participation:

28th Annual Midwest Chevelle Regional in Springfield, MO. June 26 & 27, 2015
2015 Cruisers on Main Street in Fremont, NE. Saturday July 11, 2015

Next Club Meeting:

Next Club Meeting: June 20th at Bob & Cathy Von Kaenel’s in Lincoln, NE. Bob is cooking Hamburgers and Brats. Club members bringing side dishes if they would like, but not required. Bob is planning to do some games and have door prizes. Club to do a drawing to give away old Club Banner. Must be at meeting to be drawing. Meeting at 5pm. Eat at 6pm. Can bring your Chevelle and park in side yard for mini car show.

Meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Connie Johnson