Heartland Chevelle Club
Meeting Notes
May 20, 2018 - Mahoney Park

Members in attendance: Jan & Rick Lambert, Steve Fitch & Teri Kendall, Justin King, Don Changstrom, Chris & Tami Saunders, Bob & Cathy VonKaenel, Jon Torrey, Rich & Cindy Colfack, Rich Fulton, Don Vollmer & Jane, Mike Tesar, Frank Lynch, Connie Johnson & Russ Detjens, Greg Hansen, Nick Tomcykowski, Stacy, McKenzie, Tatum & Paige Lambert.

Meeting called to order by Greg Hansen, President @ 1:45pm.

Secretary's Report was read by Jan Lambert, Secretary

Treasurer's Report was read by Connie Johnson, Treasurer

Member News: New Members Scott & Mary Mitchell Sr. with a 1967 Chevelle SS Convertible

Agenda Items:

Greg talked about the upcoming shows. Sweet Cases for Sweet Faces is Saturday June 10, 2018 @ Millard South Highschool. Everyone is encouraged to go as the money is for a good cause.

Motion was made by Stacy Lambert to pay Greg Hansen $110.00 for the meat & supplies for the picnic. Nick Tomcykowski 2nd the motion. Voted on and passed.

Greg talked about making sure you have your car appraised and enough insurance coverage due to the accident at 90th & Orchard where a 69 Chevelle was totaled.

Greg talked about the placques – holed drilled out and the cost is around $18.00 a piece. Greg asked to be reimbursed $465.00 for the Placques. It was voted on and passed at the last meeting. Connie Johnson to give him a check.

Rich Colfack has 2 Powder Coating certificates worth $200 total he wants to sell for $50 for the pair. If interested see Rich.

Jon Porsel has Chevelle Magazines. See Jon if interested

Bob VonKaenel & Rich Cummings are going to test & tune day. $25.00 to run down the strip. If interested to go talk to Bob.

Mike Tesar has College World Series tickets for sale. If interested talk to Mike.

Greg has some large Tshirts he is giving away. If interested see Greg.

NextClub Meeting:
Saturday June 23, 2018 @ Bob & Cathy VonKaenel’s after the Cars & Coffee @ Speedway in Lincoln. Start time around 12:30. The Cruise committee has put together a cruise from Omaha to Lincoln for those going to Speedway Cars & Coffee. Leaving at 7:00 am from Discount tire 18520 Wright St. (South side of Center) Let Rick Lambert know if you will be cruising so no one gets left that wants to go. Cars & Coffee is from 8-Noon. If you bring your car you should get 2 free vouchers for entry to the museum. Dates for future cars & coffee in Lincoln at Speedway are July 28, August 25, Sept 29, and Oct. 27.

Future meetings are:
July 15, 2018 @ H & H All Chevy Show @ 1pm
August 19, 2018 @ Lamberts @ 1pm
September 23, 2018 @ Chris Holtbergs. More information to follow.
October – TBD
November 11, 2018 Christmas Dinner. Time and place to follow closer to November by Steve Fitch.

There was no further business. Meeting was adjourned @ 2:20pm.

Meeting notes submitted by Jan Lambert, Secretary