Heartland Chevelle Club
Meeting Notes
November 11, 2018 - Harrison Hills Clubhouse (Steve Fitch)

Members in attendance: Jan & Rick Lambert, Stacy, Mckenzie, Tatum, & Paige Lambert, Linda &Jay Johnson, Steve Fitch 8L Teri Kendall, Greg Hansen, April Sevilla, David Marfisi, Tim & Connie Mills, Bob & Cathy VonKaenel, John Porsel, Steve Kohler, Kinny Cheung, Lynda & Mike Tesar, Cindy & Rich Colfack, Linda & Ron Liston, Karen & Bob Clegg, Chris & Tami Saunders, Chyann & Michael Laughlin, Nick Tomcykowski, Justin King & Connie Johnson.

Meeting called to order by Greg Hansen, President @ 2:15pm.

Secretary's Report was read by Jan Lambert, Secretary

Treasurer's Report was read by Connie Johnson, Treasurer

Member News:

No new members.

Agenda Items:

Connie talked about a fundraiser for Keagan Sullivan who needs a double lung transplant. She is selling raffle tickets to help pay for the transplant and medical expenses. See Connie if you would like to buy a raffle ticket. Connie talked out the car council book and asked the club if we wanted to pay $250 for a color ad or pay $155 for B & W. After a discussion Rick Lambert made a motion to pay the $250 for the color ad. It was seconded by Tim Mills. Voted on and Passed. Connie turned the apparel over to Steve Fitch. If you want apparel please contact Steve Fitch

Greg talked about WOW/Autorama — he turned the applications into autorama. Greg said he had 4 plates unspoken for. A ‘f you would like one let Greg know. If you ordered one and have not received it contact Greg Hansen as soon as you can to make arrangements to pickup and pay. Greg talked about the calendar for 23.95. Get with Jay Johnson if you would like one. Greg Hansen and Jay Johnson’s cars are in the calendar. Greg reminded everyone about the Springfield Regional car show June 28 — 29, 2019. Registrations are online. Greg mentioned the Quasar outdoor drive—in and the ice cream shop in Lake Manawa. They both will be opening in 2019. Greg thanked those who participated in the Planes, Trains and Automobiles show at SAC museum in Oct. We received a Thank you from Sac as well.

April Seville talked about the Fill a truck fundraiser for Project Harmony to be held on December 3, 2018 @ Build aBurger on 96th & L St from Sam till 8pm. List of what needed is on the Sweet Cases Car Show facebook page. If you would like to help Contact April. Greg congratulated April on receiving the Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service work she has done in the community. She is one of 12 people to win a chance to go to Washington DC. You can read the article on the Fox 42 news website.

The Golden Chevelle award was created to recognize members of our club who have demonstrated outstandingdedication to the club and the hobby of Chevelle’s. This years award was presented by Bob Clegg (who won last year) to Steve Fitch our Vice President. Congratulations Steve. This is a traveling award.

Greg thanked everyone for coming to the final meeting/Christmas dinner of the year. He told everyone to Have a MerryChristmas and that the next meeting would be in February 2019.

NextClub Meeting:
February, 2019

Meeting was adjourned @ 3:30pm.

Meeting notes submitted by Jan Lambert, Secretary