Heartland Chevelle Club
Meeting Notes
October 16, 2016 - Cindy and Rich Colfax house

Members in attendance: Jan and Rick, Jay and Linda, Ron and Linda, Joel and Gina, John Porsel, Tim, Greg Hansen, Rich and Cindy, Russ and Connie, Nick T, Bob and Karen, Don V, Kenny and Lisa, Steve K, Sven Atkins, Chris and Tami Saunders, Jon Torrey, Dave Marfisi, and Paul Bohannon Jr.

Meeting was called to order by president, Greg Hansen

Treasurer's Report:
Report was given was given by Connie Johnson

Secretary's Report:
Report was given was given by Jan Lambert

Member News:

Agenda Items:

Guest speaker from Cosco Britney and Courtney explained memberships at Cosco. The new store opening on Oct 26 @ 8am with a ribbon cutting ceremony. During the Chevelle Car show next Sept. they would like to do guided tours but said you had to be a member to get into the store. Memberships are $55.00 and $110.00.

Dennis Lerghl from Owners Pride Detailing shop talked about his shop and detailing products. Would like to have a meeting at their shop to show us exactly what they do. He handed out information. February meeting will be at their shop.

Connie talked about the car show. Flyers are ready. John Kennedy $300 sponsor. Hotel will let us use 10 pass van @ no charge to go within 5 miles of show to transport to the Shadowlake mall. Talked about the shirts. Decided the color would be grey for the show and limegreen for our club workers. They will be Gilden 50/50 Jim McNeil can get shirts for us. Connie has a list of apx 110 names of potential sponsors to mail to. She will do a mailing, tf you need her to send out any letters let her know. Rick Lambert made a motion to order 200 dash placques. Cindy Colfax 2nd voted on and passed for $200.00.

Talked about forms etc from KG. Connie asked for volunteers for the swap meet in March. 9 people volunteered. Rick Lambert, Jay Johnson, Bob Clegg, Greg Hansen, Nick T, Russ and Connie, Bob VonKaenel.

Next Club Meeting:

Next meeting is the Christmas Party. Sign up sheet passed around. Meeting date Nov 20th. @4pm. Steve Fitch will get a clubhouse.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:45PM.

Minutes submitted by Jan Lambert, Secretary