Heartland Chevelle Club
Meeting Notes
October 14, 2018 - Carl & Karen Bortol's

Members in attendance: Jan Lambert, Steve Fitch & Teri Kendall, Greg Hansen, Nick Tomcykowski, Mike & Lynda Tesar, Steve Kohler, Bob VonKaenel, John Porsel, Carl & Karen Bortol, David Marfisi, Stacy Lambert, Mckenzie, Tatum & Paige Lambert, Tim & Connie Mills, April Sevilla, Kin Cheung, Russ Detjens, Connie Johnson.

Meeting called to order by Greg Hansen, President @ 2:00pm.

Secretary's Report was read by Jan Lambert, Secretary

Treasurer's Report was read by Connie Johnson

Member News:

No new members.

Agenda Items:

April Seville from Sweet Cases gave an update on the progress of the Sweet Cases car show to be held in June 2019. She talked about the fundraiser at Build a Burger after our meeting Oct. 14, 2018 asking for everyone to attend if they wanted to. She thanked everyone who brought re-cycled trophies for the Sweet Cases car show.

Greg collected for the plaques that were ordered from the members at the meeting. He gave Connie Johnson $600.00 for the paid plaques to put back in the club funds. He talked about the race car and race track at House of Trains. He asked if anyone wanted a 69 chevelle dash pad for free. No one took it today. Greg said Dale McIntosh was doing a 2019 calendar and that Greg Hansen’s car and Jay Johnson’s car were some of the cars featured. If you want a calendar the cost will be $23.95. If the club wants 10 or more calendars Dale would give a 10% discount. You can see pictures featured on Dale’s website. Greg ordered 10 of the 69 chevelles for personal use. If you want a 69 calendar Greg would sell you one if he still has some otherwise you can order from Dale. Greg gave an update on the Drive-Inn opening in May 2019. Greg talked about the Shriner’s cash calendar cost $25.00 with the proceeds to Shriner Hospital. Greg handed out the flyers for the WOW/ISCA car show. Needs one more car to make 8. Needs money and pictures ASAP so he can get them mailed in. $50.00 per car. Greg talked about Gunstock at the Gun Club on Oct. 27-28 from 9-9. Also the survival class for women. Cost of $10.00 per person.

Mike Tesar asked the club if they would let April Seville with Sweet Cases hand out flyers at the WOW/ISCA show in March using our table. Everyone said it would be ok.

Steve Kohler made a motion to not do gift cards at the Nov. 11, 2018 meeting. Tim Mills 2nd it. It was passed for this year.

Connie went over the apparel. Said it was reduced 30% if anyone wanted any. About 40 items left.

NextClub Meeting:
The next meeting is our last meeting for 2018. To be held at Harrison Hills Clubhouse, 6925 South 115th Street Plaza, LaVista, NE. 1pm start.

Meeting was adjourned @ 2:30pm.

Meeting notes submitted by Jan Lambert, Secretary