Heartland Chevelle Club
Meeting Notes
September 10, 2017 - Crusin for a Cure, 86th and Dodge.

Meeting was called to order by president, Greg Hansen

Secretary's Report:
Report was read by Jan Lambert

Treasurer's Report:
Report was read by Connie Johnson

Member News:

Agenda Items:

Connie talked about the Regional car show. We have 101 cars registered so far. Said we need a total of 4 judges for the 1000 pt judging. Have 2. Connie reminded everyone that we need everyones help at the show. Setup time 10am on September 21. Connie also brought up keeping the apparel and not giving it to Nick. It was voted on and decided to keep with Connie for now.

Greg read a list of car shows. Anyone going to Applejack should meet on September 17 at Shadowlake to leave by 8 am. Sid Dillon Show Oct. 8 put on by John Kennedy leaving Sid Dillon at 7:45 am in Fremont. Planes, Trains and Auto at Sac have your car to Sac on Thurs by 5 pm. Inland Trucking show Sept 14 Thurs morning 9:30 am rain or shine as indoor show. Free lunch for all. Arlington Car show is on Oct 1. Also on Oct. 1 Pistons Pints and Prostates show on 168 th Center.

Nominations of Officers:
President Greg Hansen
Vice President Nick T
Secretary Jan Lambert
Treasurer Connie Johnson
To be voted on at the October meeting to be held at .

Motion was made by Chris and 2 nd by John P to pay $200 to Dale McIntosh for a drone. Voted on andpassed. Rick and Bob V. will make a list of what we want pictures of. Chris will make copies of the Drone DVD so we can sell to members and other clubs.

Next Club Meeting: Holiday party will be Nov 12 at the Omaha Gun Club. Signup list for food will be emailed.

There was no further business. Meeting was adjourned at 1:53 P.M.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Jan Lambert