Heartland Chevelle Club
September 15, 2012
Rick and Jan Lamberts House, Omaha, Ne.

Treasurer's Report:
Read by Jay Johnson for Cathy Von Kaenel. Balance of $2.033.69.

Secretary's Report:
Read by Jay Johnson.

V-President's Report:
President Greg not available for this meeting, Jay Johnson to officiate.

Member News:

President's Report:
Discussion Club tent damaged in Millard Days 2 yrs ago. Should we buy a new one? We could take the canopy off the bad tent and cut vents, like new tents have, in the other canopy. Use the material from the bad tent to make the vent covers on other canopy tent. Nick T motioned for new canopy tent, 2nd by Linda J. Motioned passed and will bring to floor on next meeting in October.

HC Club window stickers are now available. Although the back ground color is not orange but a deeper reddish orange to me. Cost was $102.00 for 200 stickers. Cost was under the approved motion. Cathy was unable to cancel the previous order for printing, however it was necessary to purchase the actual material for our future use, Tom Pelchat thought he could use it for other club activities. Cost for material was around $80.00 if I remember correctly. Color did not seem to be an issue with those present, but I do have a call into Acclaim for further guidance on the issue. Invoice for stickers is $109.14 which included tax, will send to Cathy for payment.

Rick has new window sticker blanks for 64, 67, 68, and 69 years. Only had years 64,67 and 69 available.

Bob Clegg and Greg Hansen helped former member Chuck Leonard with his 66 and he is rejoining the club.

World Of Wheels, Omaha promoter JR passed away and the national Promoter, Bob Mallard has retired. New faces may make for a new show.

Club Officer nominations. Previous two meetings, voted to retain all. This being the third meeting for Officer nominations. All present voted to retain current Officers for the 2013 year.

New Business:
Club participation shows coming up:
• Last Fling til Spring, is tomorrow, members going will meet at Dillon Harley Davidson and caravan from there. This is a club participation show.
• Chevelle Regionals – Olathe Kansas, September 21st to the 22nd. This is a club participation show. September 21-22nd It's not too late to you can register the day of the show. Greg has applications. For those going where do you want to meet an what time? Omaha members will meet at Flashbacks at 8:30am and leave at 9:00am. Caravan to the Nebraska City exit (highway 2) wait for Lincoln members at the service station there and continue on to Olathe from there.
• Western Iowa Apple Festival Show n Shine: Woodbine Iowa.September 29th Registration 8 to Noon. If interested contact Lamberts to caravan to Woodbine.
• Tangier Shriners Vintage Iron Show & Shine: September 30th
• Plattsmouth Cruzin Main Oct 5th, 2012 now has a system to reserve a parking spot for $30.00 which includes a dash plaque, a T-Shirt and a guaranteed parking spot until 3:30pm that day.
• Arlington Show Oct 7th, please register before the 28th ($15.00) $20.00 day of show. Nick T suggested meeting somewhere close to Arlington and drive in together so we can all park together this year. We should really be there by 8 am. Registration is from 10 to 12, and by then all the good locations will be gone, from past experience. Email Jay (jay@efanz.com) for any suggestions one may have as there isn’t much time before then. For those going to Olathe, we can toss it around there

Additional Topics:
October 28th Meeting at Stoltenberg's Farm, As of now Greg has 2 RSVPS for the October Meeting and just a few for November Meeting. We need to know who is coming, please RSVP. Remember Midwest Camaro is coming to the October Meeting too. Jay Johnson will bulk email club members for RSVP and will not take prisoners, we have to show up the MCC and make Don Stoltenberg proud of us

November 18th Holiday meeting at Greg and Vikki’s. Twelve Noon start. Bring toy for Tot’s program. Jay Johnson will bulk email club members for RSVP as well for this meeting. This will be the final meeting for year 2012 and we don’t want to miss it. Some lucky member will be receiving the Golden Chevelle award for his or her contribution to the growth of HCC. Please remember to bring a toy for the Toy for Tot’s Program. And if one has an item to donate for a door prize or two that would be great as well. The Z-Wave guys will be setting up a display of their wares as well like last year, so if anyone is looking for some good cleaning and polishing products, here’s you chance.

No further business and the meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Jay Johnson, Vice President