Heartland Chevelle Club
August 15, 2009
High Impact - Tom Pelchat Omaha NE

Introduction of members and guests.

Treasurer's Report: Current account balance $2,014.33.

Secretary's Report: Minutes from the last meeting (by Greg Hansen)

President's Report
New Business:
· Membership News: Dave & Lee Hubert, she had surgery and is recovering
· Tom Pelchat has designed a keyless entry kit that he will be marketing via the Internet for Chevelles, Camaros, Novas, etc.
· Eleven new members joined at the H & H Show in July
· ACES has expanded the years of Chevelles.

Officer and other nominations for 2010:

President Greg Hansen Vice Pres Jay Johnson
Treasurer Cathy Von Kaenel Secretary Doug Kass
Webmaster Rich Cummings Membership Director Linda Johnson
Election Committee John Lukken & Nich Tomcykowski

Nominations will be taken at the September meeting or you can make nominations via email to any of the present officers:
Greg Hanson hanseng123@cox.net
Jay Johnson jay@efanz.com
Cathy Von Kaenel bobvk88@hotmail.com
Doug Kass drkass@cox.net

Elections will be at the October 11 meeting.

No further business and the meeting was adjourned.