What's new on the HCC website?

April 2017:

1) Added HCC March and April Meeting notes on the Meeting Summaries page

2) Added links to the HCC April Meeting photos on the Show/Meeting Photos page

3) Added link to the 2017 Online Version of the Car Council Book on the Calendar of Events page

4) Changed Front page index to read "Join Us! - Membership Info", and added additional contact information for our Treasurer for membership questions on the Join Us! - Membership Info page

March 2017:

1) Added additional show information taken from a email sent by HCC President concerning 2017 Car Shows and events on the Calendar of Events page

2) New member John Secord has provided me with information on his 1966 Chevelle, and a page featuring his vehicle can be seen on the Members Vehicles page

3) Added links to the February Meeting photos from Owners Pride on the Show/Meeting Photos page

4) Added links to the World of Wheels and March Meeting photos on the Show/Meeting Photos page

5) Modified Welcome screen to include photos of HCC vehicles displayed at the 2017 World of Wheels event

6) Added calendar entrys for upcomming HCC meetings on the Calendar of Events page

5) Incorporated many changes to site, including:
new email addresses,
added 2 new resources to the resource page (Owners Pride and American Coating & Welding),
updated information on the Members Vehicles page,
modified regional car show flyer to include sponsership by certified transmission,
and updated various dates from 2016 to 2017